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Sofkor | What is Sofkor Product Management Consulting?

What is Sofkor Product Management Consulting?


What is Product Management Consulting?   Product Management is the set of activities & prioritization of scarce resources focused on the continuous improvement of a given product or service.  We focus your product and your team on the most appropriate strategies from Lean Startup to Growth Hacking to Responsive Web Design (RWD). By engaging your team, we ensure the continued success of your product, and your team’s ability to understand any changes in your strategy or your roadmap. Contact us to discuss your pain points and create a plan to address them.



Product Management Consulting is about creating products and features your users love.  It is about delivering intuitive interfaces and exciting experiences. It’s about evidence-based, data-driven, repeatable growth.


That’s what we deliver. Every project. Every time.


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Founded in 2009 by Alexander Jelinek, Software Product Management Consultant and User Experience Designer, Sofkor maintains advising relationships with a small selection of innovative Silicon Valley technology firms and startups. We are passionate about new products and have a history of providing creative solutions for the unique needs of our clients, including product strategy, product development, agile/scrum project management, information architecture, user experience design, user interface design, and QA / testing.  If you are launching a new software product or improving an existing one, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us anytime to get your improvements started.


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